How An UltraComfort Lift Chair Can Help Alleviate Arthritis Pain


Joan Garrison in an UltraComfort America Power Lift Chair Recliner in Trendelenburg Position To Elevate Feet Above Heart

Written By: Aline Browning and Jackie Caraballo

Are you or someone you love suffering from arthritis? According to the CDC, this extremely painful and often debilitating disease affects 23% of all adults in the U.S. That’s over 54 million people who have arthritis. Of those, about 24 million adults are limited in their activities from arthritis. 

Arthritis attacks the joints and causes pain and inflammation. According to the Arthritis Foundation, the condition can affect balance, cause many sleep disturbances, and it can even change your arteries. Particularly, patients with rheumatoid arthritis have an increased risk of having a heart attack and for developing atherosclerosis.

Because all of our body’s systems are so interconnected and interdependent, UltraComfort power lift recliners can offer several benefits to help you battle inflammation caused by arthritis and provide reliable lift assistance when transitioning from sitting to standing. According to Stanmore (2013), “Adults with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) have an increased risk of falls. Suggested reasons for this include impaired muscle strength, postural instability, fatigue, joint pain, and reduced functioning.“

Joan Garrison Relaxing in an UltraComfort America Power Lift Chair Recliner To Help Relieve Arthritis

Improving circulation is another benefit that UltraComfort lift chairs provide as inflammation can harden arteries much faster than patients who don’t suffer from arthritis. “For dactylitis and enthesitis, start with the old-but-good RICE treatment,” says Yolanda Ragland, DPM, a podiatrist and founder of Fix Your Feet. “Rest, ice, compression, and elevation are the first line of defense for any inflammatory process, including arthritis,” she explains. UltraComfort Zero Gravity lift chairs and power lift recliners with patented positioning technology provide leg elevation with a gentle, supportive bend at the knee that allow individuals to raise their feet slightly above the heart.

Joan Garrison, 78 years old, Joan Garrison in an UltraComfort America Power Lift Chair Recliner To Help Relieve Arthritisabsolutely loves her UltraComfort lift chair. “It has given me great joy and comfort from the very first day. It is easy to operate, very comfortable and helps ease my arthritis.There are so many different comfortable positions. Sometimes I raise my legs and sometimes I lower them, depending on where I have pain. With my age and arthritis, it’s so nice to just push a button to find the perfect comfortable position. It’s a gem and a blessing to have. I am also due for knee surgery and I know the lift will be helpful getting in and out of the chair.”

Joan Garrison Lifting in an UltraComfort America Power Lift Chair ReclinerAnother challenge for those suffering with arthritis is pain-related insomnia. Trouble sleeping or falling asleep can have a dramatic impact on the ability to heal optimally. Additionally, if we are dehydrated during the night, it can create more friction in the joints because of uric acid deposits. “Uric acid can build up, forming sharp, needlelike urate crystals in a joint or surrounding tissue that causes pain.” Mayo Clinic (2021) UltraComfort power lift recliners provide infinite positioning and are able to support the needs of patients with arthritis who need to adjust sleep positions frequently without the stationary limitations of a wedge pillow. 

If you or your loved one also want to experience the amazing full-body rejuvenation and relief of a UltraComfort power lift chair, visit to find a retailer near you to try one out in person. 






How UltraComfort Lift Chairs Can Help Manage Lupus Symptoms


Written By: Aline Browning

UltraComfort Patented Positioning Power Lift Chair Recliners

Lupus Can Sometimes Be Difficult To Diagnose

It took Melissa Kravitz nearly six years to finally receive a diagnosis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), which is the average for that diagnosis. For years she was convinced she had Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia and it wasn’t until doctors found that her achilles tendinitis was not responding to any treatment, that they came to the conclusion she has SLE. The diagnosis came about two years ago and she has gone through some changes to her lifestyle that she believes can bring comfort to others receiving a Lupus diagnosis.

“I’ll be 37 on Saturday. I worked at the same nursing home for 17 years, but I can’t stand on my feet all day anymore. I gave that up and now I’m a substance abuse counselor. It’s a totally sedentary job.” When asked how she dealt with such a big change she stated, “I’ll admit that emotionally, it’s been hard to leave job prospects that I thought I was going to do.”


Symptoms of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

According to Lupus Uk, “The prevalence of foot complaints in lupus is high, with over three-quarters of those with this condition reporting having experienced pain in their feet during the course of their disease both in the forefoot and, more commonly, in the hindfoot.”  

Many patients experience pain and swelling known as edema, which is a buildup of fluid in the extremities around the joints. Patients can also develop a condition called “Lupus Foot”, which is a painful deformity of the toes. It is also associated with achilles tendinitis, toe-nail problems, hammer toes, and circulatory problems. Lupus is an inflammatory disease with symptoms that mimic those of Rheumatoid Arthritis and even affects the same areas of the body including hands and feet. The CDC refers to SLE as, “the great imitator” (CDC 2020), because its symptoms mimic other inflammatory diseases. The disease causes patients to endure painful symptomatic periods known as flares. Because there is no known cure for SLE, managing these flares is necessary for patient well-being.

In addition to achilles tendinitis, carpal tunnel, and SLE, Melissa also suffers from Raynaud’s disease which means her body temperature is lower than normal and her tolerance for cold temperatures is very low. SLE often presents a barrage of comorbidities, so an individual with this diagnosis is typically battling several conditions.


Treatment for SLE

“I take two immunosuppressors daily, I also have to take medication to be able to sleep. Otherwise, I would be up all night thinking about the important and unimportant. I have to sleep with my legs elevated and my heels up. I have to make sure my heels don’t touch the bed when I’m asleep or I wake up in pain. I also have carpal tunnel syndrome, so I have been sleeping on my back since I was diagnosed because it’s too painful to sleep on my arms. When it gets too painful, there are physical therapy exercises I do.”

Managing Lupus flares means fighting the joint pain and fatigue and staying active. Increased physical activity, coupled with proper hydration, can reduce joint swelling and improve a patient’s lifestyle. It’s equally important how you spend your downtime.


UltraComfort Lift Chairs Elevate Feet Above the Heart

Resting properly and pampering the affected extremities will help you to cope with pain and help you maintain mobility. It is during this resting period that the benefits of an UltraComfort power lift recliner are really highlighted as an effective aide to help manage symptoms. UltraComfort lift chairs have patented positioning technology to help patients properly elevate their legs above their heart to a level that can allow fluids to drain back into the body and away from the feet. According to the Mayo Clinic (2021), “it is important to elevate the affected limbs above the heart several times a day.” Aside from the gravitational benefits of UltraComfort lift recliners, they also provide a comfortable sleeping environment and proper sleep is imperative for cognition and the reduction of inflammation.


During sleep, your immune system releases proteins called cytokines, some of which help promote sleep. Certain cytokines need to increase when you have an infection or inflammation, or when you’re under stress. Sleep deprivation may decrease production of these protective cytokines.” Olson (2021)


Advice for Those Newly Diagnosed With Lupus

Melissa’s advice to anyone receiving a Lupus diagnosis is this, “I know you have a million questions right now and a million things going through your mind, but just stop and take a breath. You are going to be ok. Take it one day at a time and go at life at your own pace. Educate yourself on the disease but don’t inundate yourself with information that will overwhelm you because you don’t know what lies ahead. Write down any new symptoms and questions. Surround yourself with medical professionals that you trust, especially your Rheumatologist, as this will be a long-term relationship.”

Then she added, “As hard as it is to believe now, this disease that you always wish never happened to you may actually give you the life you were meant to have but didn’t know it.”



UltraComfort Power Lift Recliners Are So Much More Than Just A Lift Chair


Written By David Danhof
UltraComfort Power LIft Recliners UC549


I was talking with one of our retailers the other day who made a very interesting observation that I thought was worth sharing with all of you. Lift chairs seem to be a pretty hot category these days and we were discussing why that should be. After all, they are not generally considered to be a “hot” commodity on furniture floors. 

What he said was, “Most people today don’t want to wind up in a nursing facility.” The more I thought about that, the more sense it made. In the age of COVID-19, nursing homes have not been a place where people want to be. While staying independent has been a priority for any of us in the 60+ crowd, the restrictions put on since the start of COVID-19, and the stories of nursing facilities decimated by this awful disease, have made staying at home not just preferred, but the highest of priorities.

I mention this because I think it is something to be aware of as you plan your next recliner purchase. Furniture has always been perceived as making a house a “home” and creating comfortable living spaces. As a leader in the lift chair category, UltraComfort has always seen our products as doing that, plus helping people to stay in their homes as they struggle with aging issues. In our case, many of our power lift recliners not only help with lift, but also with circulation, back pain issues, and general body aches and pains.

The idea of staying independent is most certainly a benefit of lift chairs, adjustable beds, or any other products that genuinely contribute to keeping people at home and comfortable. There was a time when buying a “lift chair” was considered to be an admission of old age. Today, our products do a good deal more than just lift, they offer the consumer both comfort and independence at a time when both are highly valued features.


Beautiful, Natural Winter Home Decor Ideas



By Jamie Weaver from Sweet & Simple Elegance

UltraComfort UC342 Power Lift Chair Recliner with Winter Home Decor


How To Transform Your Home For Winter

The new year. A time that brings dreams, hopes, and resolutions for new beginnings and fresh starts. In many ways, the new year gives the impression that your decor should reflect the very same mentality. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season has many people believing that this fresh start means quickly taking down the holiday decorations should be a “must do” on the never-ending list. Fortunately, now you can take a deep breath because this faux pas is not true, especially this year. If you, too, wish to keep up the beautiful twinkling lights and evergreens, we’ve provided design tips to still give you the same fresh start you desire without exhausting yourself from putting away all your holiday decorations. 

The tip: Take away reds and add golds and royal blues

Simply switching out some of the holiday colors will not only give you a fresh look, but will also save you countless hours putting away your Christmas decorations, leaving you time to relax and rejuvenate for the new inspired you. 

UltraComfort UC342 Power Lift Chair Recliner with Winter Decor


Remove Only Some Holiday Decorations

Let’s think about this for a minute, you spend countless hours making your home cozy and warm for the holiday season, just to enjoy it for a month, and take it all down within a day? It’s not time for spring cleaning. We are all about to head into the cold, dark months of winter and stay-at-home orders. Taking away all of your Christmas decorations will leave your home bare, without providing any source of comfort needed to cope for the winter months ahead. By taking away just part of the decorations, such as poinsettias, stockings, ornaments, and red ribbons, you create a natural transition while still enjoying the beautiful lights and natural tones to help you through those long winter months. 


Fresh Interior Design For The Season

By putting away the reds, you are left with a fresh winter canvas. You will have your beautiful winter garland and wreaths. Even sled decor is appealing for the winter months. Pinecones and sprigs are great additions to your garland and wreaths. By incorporating these pieces of nature in your decor, you are providing a cozy, warm environment in your living spaces. During the winter months, the days are short and darkness seems like it will last forever, so continue to leave your twinkle lights on. Remember to place them on a timer, so they stay on during the times you are home to save on your electric bill. 

Also, add fresh balsam candles or oils around your main living spaces. Smelling Balsam scents is refreshing and rejuvenating, giving you the perfect sensation of new beginnings for the new year. 


Add Greens, Golds, and Dark Blues

UltraComfort UC342 Power Lift Chair Recliner with Winter Living RoomGarland and wreaths are not enough to keep your living space nice and cozy, so add emerald greens, golds, and royal or dark blues. This is a great time to contrast your warm and cool colors, because it gives a fresh look. Try to keep these colors only as accents, though. Too much is not always a good thing, especially if you want a fresh look. Try adding these colors in your vases, candles, pillows, lanterns, and throws. 

Grab accents with different soft textures such as velvet, knits, orlon, or if you have a little room to splurge, cashmere. This will not only provide something new, but will also be inexpensive and easy to change when spring approaches. Don’t be afraid to add gold accents, too. It is a metal contrast that provides warmth to your living spaces, and is a classic look that will never go out of style. 

To create a truly luxuriously comfortable room, add an UltraComfort power lift recliner for full-body rejuvenation while you relax in a gorgeous winter-wonderland setting. These beautiful recliners can be custom-built to match your home decor perfectly. 

UltraComfort UC342 Power Lift Recliner


Create Cozy Winter Home Decor

New beginnings are meant to inspire new dreams and hopes for the new year, but we still need to reflect on past mistakes and successes. By stripping away all the decor the holiday season brings, it creates a room that is cold and bare. It is similar to wiping away all of the room’s past memories, and will not allow any comfort and warmth for the cold, winter months ahead. By removing reds, and adding gold and bright blues, you are not only saving yourself from endless hours of exhaustion, you’ll also be able to spend the cold winter months enjoying your cozy, lovely home decor.


How To Create Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decor


Written By Jamie Weaver From Sweet & Simple Elegance

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Three Essential Tips To Prep For The Holidays

Thanksgiving. One word that can bring so many feelings of being grateful for the ones you love and cherish. The main goal of decorating your Thanksgiving table is to create an environment that will make your family feel comfortable with an inviting setting that will allow you and your loved ones to relax and reflect on what makes them thankful. These tips will not only help you prepare you for the craziness of Thanksgiving, but will allow you to enjoy, be energized, and be equipped with the power to tackle the day and still treasure your time with family and close friends. It all begins with the three Ps:

  1. Plan 
  2. Prepare
  3. Prosper


Plan Your Thanksgiving Table In Advance

The best time-saving tip is to plan out your Thanksgiving table décor in advance. You can have your dining room table dressed days or weeks before you even grocery shop for the Thanksgiving dinner. Not only will that set the mood for preparations, but it will also be so inviting for your family. A dressed table brings warmth and love. 

When designing the layout of your table, you want to determine the invisible line. The invisible line will appear when you either “cut” the table in half or in thirds with your eye. If you have trouble, you can lay out painters tape which will give you exact dimensions. This ultimately makes sense when measuring the length or diameter of your table. If your dining room table is circular, you want to create a design with one focal point that looks up. However, if you have a rectangular table, you want to “spread the wealth” in two or three sections of the table. 

When selecting fall decorations, look around your room, and identify the main colors you would like to use. If your decor has cool colors, add a little warmth into the design, and the opposite advice if you have mainly warm colors. 

Thanksgiving Dishes

Next, get in on the latest trend by incorporating metallics or wood features around your table design. This will not only provide different textures, but will also help your design to pop. 

Second, your main Thanksgiving dishes should be white. White plates are a versatile, cost-effective way to add different design features that will not break the bank. Simply add different chargers, patterned small plates, and napkins that you can change seasonally. It will not only add to your table, but will freshen up the look without burning a hole in your wallet. 

Lastly, do not be afraid of bold decor. You want your table to make a statement as it is the centerpiece of your house and have your guests be awed by your breathtaking design. So, be creative. Incorporate the patterns, metallics, and wood features because it will not only be inviting, but can be a conversation piece, and you can sit back and relax knowing you created a space for everyone to feel loved and cherished. 


Preparing For Thanksgiving Meal

Now that you have your Thanksgiving table checked off the list, it’s now time to prepare for the meal. When it comes to holiday planning, it’s the little details that make the day special. Look at your centerpiece, and identify ways you can incorporate it when preparing for your meal. Select certain serving dishes to enhance your design when serving your dinner. I love using white dishes because I can include a variety of decorations, and I can use them all year long. Try also having one area to serve your main Thanksgiving dinner. Then you can leave your table decor in place, and don’t need to worry about moving different pieces. An island or a serving table works perfectly. 

Lay out your dishes the night before Thanksgiving Day, and create little labels to identify where each food item will go. Then you already delegated areas for your family members to help you, so you don’t have to make last minute decisions that can cause trouble for you in the end. 

If you have young children who would like to help, have them design or create food labels for the day. They can use the labels that you made yourself and design their own. This not only gives your young ones a special task, but they will also feel a part of the “big day”. It may even encourage them to eat their Thanksgiving meal, if they are picky eaters like mine.

Sweet & Simple Elegance Thanksgiving Table Decor


Prosper: Create a Holiday Theme Throughout Your Home

Good designs incorporate different elements of decor, but target one specific area in your home. However, great designs integrate similar design patterns in many different areas in your homematching decor throughout your home creates flow and purpose. Try to bring together the same patterns, metallics, and wood features in your three main living spaces: the kitchen, dining room, and living room. You can easily use table runners, pillows, blankets, and small tchotchkes to inexpensively create an environment that flows throughout your main living spaces. 

Make sure to also create a cozy space to relax and visit with your family and friends before and after the meal. It’s important to make all your guests feel comfortable and to be especially mindful of older relatives. An UltraComfort power lift recliner is an excellent chair to have to fully relax and rejuvenate your body during the holidays and help those who may need it get in and out of the recliner with a gentle lift option. 

UltraComfort Power Lift Recliner For Cozy Holiday Living Room

Then embrace the prosperity of the moment. This is the time you can sit back, pick your feet up, and be proud of yourself for your design. You were able to create an environment where your family felt comfortable and relaxed. You will feel good knowing that you not only followed the three Ps, but also created a day that your family was able to be together, bond to form closer relationships, and show how grateful they are for each other. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Four Fabulous Home Design Tips for Fall Decor


Written by Jamie Weaver

Fall Fireplace Mantle Decorations with UltraComfort Lift Recliner

Fall Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Do you have a deep love for fall decor, but need some design tips? Jamie, from Sweet & Simple Elegance has four fantastic tips to help you decorate your house in a simple, but elegant way for everyone to enjoy all season long. 

  1. Choose one of your favorite fall fabrics for all of your color needs
  2. Keep your fall decorations to a minimum, only choosing the essentials
  3. Mix and match similar tones 
  4. Balance, Balance, Balance


Choose Your Favorite Fall Fabric

Could it be that simple, finding all my fall decorating colors in one piece of fabric? The answer is yes! Choose your favorite fall wreath, pillow, tablecloth, area rug, or even your favorite fall platter, and base all of your color choices using that piece. Your major tones should be more naturals such as browns, greens, and even tones of yellows. Then, you can add your vibrant colors such as bright oranges and reds. When decorating your fireplace mantel or your dining room table, try to incorporate the same patterns. If you like black and white checkered print, then try to stay with the same checker touches throughout the entire design. Being mindful of this tip will help your design and style be more cohesive throughout your home. 


Fall Decor For Fireplace Mantle with UltraComfort Lift Recliner Chair


Mix and Match Fall Décor with Similar Tones

You are going to feel tempted to add different autumn decorations regardless of the colors because they are all in the same category, fall. However, this mindset is misleading. Whether the season is fall, winter, or spring, you must stick with the same color palette or your eye will become confused. Having consistency will cause the eye to have a pleasant, calm experience that will have your guests asking for your opinion or advice for their own decorating ideas. So, stick to the basics. If you like a certain pattern or design, stick to that pattern, then incorporate solid colors that are in the design, such as beautiful accent furniture like this power lift recliner from UltraComfort, to accentuate your décor.  

Keep Your Fall Decorations To A Minimum

When shopping for fall decor, there are so many options, that you will tend to want everything. Just remember, less is more. Stick to the essentials. Take note of the environment where you want to place your fall decorations. Hot spots would be the fireplace mantel, dining room table, and another central location, such as the foyer. Be consistent, and try to create a flow that will catch your eye throughout your home. Leaf garland is a great way to stay festive and is not overwhelming when you enter the room. Other fantastic finds would be fall candles and ceramic pumpkin decor. Again, try to only decorate a few places, where there is the most traffic. This way you aren’t so overwhelmed, and your home is still ready for the season.


Fall Mantle Decorations with UltraComfort Lift Recliner


Balance, Balance, and Balance

This last tip is the most important. This will make or break your decor because it will cause your eye to love or hate a particular design. No, you don’t need to make sure your entire fall decoration display is symmetrical in order to be “balanced”, you can create an asymmetric design, and you’ll absolutely fall in love. The key is to balance the design with height. Variety of height is essential for great designs. Use candle holders, lanterns, decorating books or even stands to cause different heights for your fall decor. The tallest decorations such as lamps, wreaths, or even fall wooden signs need to be placed in the farthest part of the eye. Then, you can use a wider piece or use various heights to balance your design.

By remembering these four tips, decorating for fall will be a breeze. Your decor will be elegant, but simple, and you’ll be guaranteed compliments! Just remember to keep it simple because less is more. When incorporating your design, remember to keep your tones and colors similar to one another. Once you are ready to decorate, remember to balance your design. Use higher heights farthest from the eye, and wider decorations closest. Have fun with it! You only get to experience autumn once a year. Best wishes to you and your fall decorating!


Sweet & Simple Elegance



UltraComfort Donates Lift Recliners To Hospice of The Sacred Heart


UltraComfort Lift Recliner Donated to Hospice of the Sacred Heart

Photo caption left to right: Diane Baldi, CEO, Hospice of the Sacred Heart, Sarah Lydon, Director of Marketing, UltraComfort America


Hospice of the Sacred Heart recently received a generous donation of ten UltraComfort America UC556 power lift recliners in Brisa Fresco fabric. UltraComfort is a family owned and operated business headquartered in Old Forge, Pennsylvania.

“These precision crafted power lift recliners will make beautiful and functional additions to all ten patient rooms at our Inpatient Unit in Dunmore.  We are tremendously grateful to our friends at UltraComfort for their generosity,” said Diane Baldi, Chief Executive Officer, Hospice of the Sacred Heart.

The mission of Hospice of the Sacred Heart is to provide comfort, care, hope and choice to patients and their families, while guiding them through the end of life journey. “Hospice of the Sacred Heart provides so many families in our area with quality care and services during a difficult time,” stated Rich Golden, CEO. “UltraComfort is honored to support their mission of providing comfort for their patients and their families.”


About Hospice of the Sacred Heart:

 Not-for-profit, free standing hospice program serving Northeastern Pennsylvania since 2004

  • Main office is located in Wilkes-Barre, with an Inpatient Unit located in Dunmore and a Center for Education in Moosic
  • Care provided for over 2,200 patients in 2019 and over 16,000 to date
  • Employs approximately 120 employees throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania
  • Volunteers provided over 6,900 hours of support to patients and families in 2019


 About UltraComfort America:

 UltraComfort America is the retail furniture division of the world’s largest power lift chair manufacturer. A family-owned, family-operated business headquartered in Northeastern Pennsylvania, UltraComfort America is a true American manufacturer offering retailers lift and wellness recliners that exceed industry standards for design, components and warranties.



How To Keep Your Sanity While Virtual Schooling


Grandmother in an UltraComfort Power Lift Recliner watching daughter read to grandson


Prepare Your Home Office And Wifi

We haven’t officially started school virtually, yet this year, but it’s looming in the much too near future. And we are doing everything we can to prepare ahead of time to try to make this online round a whole lot better than the last! I decided to take a good long look at our home setup and make some improvements. Our main issues were: 1. The kids have a shared desk, but in a room with a poor wifi signal. 2. Kids took over the whole house. 3. Parents had uncomfortable office furniture and almost lost their ever-loving minds trying to teach, work full time and parent. 

Something had to give. Over the summer, it dawned on me that we each needed our own personal space. 


The “Sanity Room”

Growing up, my mom always kept a “sanity room” or two in our house. Much like the age-old parlor room, our formal living room was off limits to the kids and my dad, so that there was always at least one clean and nicely decorated room in the house. This was the one room free from the mess of toys, books, newspapers and school papers. As a kid, I would sometimes sneak in there to sit quietly and daydream or practice somersaults on the clean floor. The dining room was sometimes a sanity room, but was often converted to a craft table, a dollhouse-building table, or a place to do school projects. You know you cricket or craft at your dining room table, too! 

When I had twins of my own, I soon realized that this really was a great idea to have one room that you could always walk into and be at peace from the constant clutter and cleaning. We don’t have a formal living room, but I designated the dining room as my sanity room. Until COVID-19. 


Virtual Schooling Take One

When the pandemic hit the U.S. and our young children started virtual schooling, the best place for them to access our wifi turned out to be… you guessed it, the dining room. It became their home office and soon filled with pencils, markers, papers, artwork and science projects. I had lost my sanity room. I know, I know, first-world problems. And of course, I am so incredibly grateful that we remained safe from contracting the virus and from family tragedy. We are very fortunate. However, I think we can all agree that this past spring was a very stressful time for everyone, one way or another. 

Not only were my husband and I both working from home full time, we also took in his grandmother who lived alone in central New Jersey. We stayed home. We didn’t see a soul outside our family, aside from weekly masked grocery store trips and Zoom calls. 

To say that virtual school was a struggle is a huge understatement. Someone or everyone cried pretty much every day. Links didn’t work, online work was accidentally deleted, emails with questions on schoolwork went unanswered, and wifi was unstable and often couldn’t handle four laptops, three cell phones and two tablets operating at once. We were all stressed and getting depressed. But we got through it and eventually summer came. Thank God!


Virtual Schooling Take Two

Now our school district has decided to start virtual once again. But we are hopeful. And we are taking proactive measures. Instead of the kids using the dining room, we are converting their playroom into a school room, complete with two desks for them to each have their own space to do schoolwork and even bean bag chairs for reading time. We are also working on boosting our wifi throughout the house and setting up a better home office for us. I have my sanity room back. But with your kids home 24-7, how do you manage the mess? 


Take A Cue From Teachers

As a former substitute teacher, one great tip I learned from teachers is to make sure your kids clean up as soon as they’re finished with that particular lesson. If you keep up with it, it becomes routine and they’ll automatically start to clean up when that portion of the day is finished. After each live session or video subject ends, have them put those materials away to prepare for the next lesson. At the end of the virtual school day, make sure to set aside a few minutes to have them straighten up their desk and clean up anything left on the floor. Everyone will benefit from a clean homeclutter causes anxiety and can add to an already stressful situation. When I subbed mid-year, I didn’t even have to ask the students to do this, it had already become an automatic daily routine. 


Set A Routine

One of the most important aspects of virtual schooling is to have a set routine for the day. Try to have your kids attend the live teaching sessions as much as possible, so they feel connected to their new teacher and classmates on a set schedule. Last spring, my kids told me that they didn’t like not being in school because they missed their routine. So my husband and I created a schedule for them that remained posted on the wall each day to check, so they’d know what to do if my husband and I were in Zoom meetings. We would interchange schoolwork with time for exercise, chores, reading, technology time, and playing outside to break up the day. 

Be sure to also treat each day like an actual school and work day if you’re working, too. Have your kids eat a full breakfast and get dressed like they normally would. I know it’s so cozy to work in your pj’s, but you do start to feel like a slob after a while and not prepared to do your best. 

As for routine tips, I would recommend saving technology time for the end of the day when they’re more tired and chores for the morning. I’ve read numerous studies that screen time can cause irritability, so we’ve banned it in the morningwho wants to start the day out with a grumpy kid?! And it’s actually made a difference. 

If you have multiple children who will be doing virtual school at the same time, I recommend purchasing headphones with a microphone if they need to ask their teacher a question. I found some that even glow in the dark at Five Below. 


Give Yourself Some Space

Don’t feel guilty taking some time to yourself! Create a clean, quiet, peaceful space to relax and recharge for an hour each day. Also, make sure that your space is comfortable and has a relaxing ambience. Soft yellow accents, like pillows and throw blankets infuse happiness, while muted sage green walls create a peaceful setting. Round out the room with cream or light gray furniture to create a calming effect. 


Relax & Recharge!

If you find yourself suffering from daily aches and pains, some recliners, such as UltraComfort’s Eclipse collection offer zero gravity weightlessness, as well as head and back support to rejuvenate your body while you experience total relaxation. These chairs are the perfect ergonomic fit when working from home or to take a load off after a long day. 

UltraComfort zero gravity recliner

Thanks to the few changes mentioned above, not only will my kids have more structure and organization, I now have my sanity room back. As for the rest of life in general, I’m sure nothing this year will go as planned, but we’ll keep rolling with punches, and if nothing else, at least this pandemic will teach our kids how to be flexible and resilient. To all my fellow virtual-schooling parents, good luck and Godspeed! 











Why Your Business Should Advertise on Facebook



Facebook Ads for your business page



How Useful Is Facebook Advertising?

Are you consistently creating social media posts, but not getting many likes, comments or shares? That’s because Facebook has made it very difficult for its users to view Business page posts unless they purchase advertising. And if you’re not advertising your business on Facebook, you are missing out on a huge amount of traffic to your page and/or website and potential revenue. According to Facebook Business, now over 2.7 billion people use Facebook each month. That’s over a quarter of the world’s entire population. And they’re using Facebook almost every single day. 


How Do Facebook Ads Compare to other Advertising Channels?

Forbes reported that although television revenue from ads increased by 7.1% in January 2018, digital ad revenue was more than double that, at 16.8%. Even more surprising is that there was still a marked increase in digital ad revenue, with the most spending on Facebook, despite the platform’s problems with fake news and changing its news feed algorithm to favor posts from users’ friends and family over businesses. The statistics are too high to ignore. Facebook has become so ingrained in users’ lives, that it’s difficult for them to stop using the platform. Unfortunately for businesses, organic post engagement has dropped significantly since 2017. A business might organically only reach 2% of its targeted audience. However, paying for a targeted Facebook ad will overcome this obstacle. At UltraComfort America, we’ve been able to dramatically increase our Facebook post reach with a significant ROI. 


The Best Way To Create Facebook Ads

Now that you know the stats, here’s how you get started. A Facebook ad will not use the same techniques as pay per click (PPC) advertising, but instead, calls for more classic creative marketing methods. Think about when you are checking your own personal Facebook feed. If you’re just relaxing, checking to see what your friends are up to, do you take more than two seconds to realize the post is an ad, and then just scroll right past it in your feed? I know that’s what I do, unless an ad is so engaging that it makes me stop scrolling and watch the video or read the compelling story. Now think about whether you’re a professional in marketing or advertising with years of experience and training, who can create an ad that will not only get a second glance, but make the viewer actually buy your product. If that’s not you, then you should consider either using the content that UltraComfort’s Marketing Team creates for you or hiring a professional digital marketing agency to help you craft a creative, engaging Facebook ad. And please be sure to tag @UltracomfortAmerica on Facebook or @ultracomfortusa on Instagram and Twitter if you create your own UltraComfort post or ad and we will share it to our page!

Video Is the Best Content

The best type of ad is a Facebook video ad. It’s the most compelling way to increase user engagement. But whether it’s a video, photo, or story, you have to make sure your ad is visually stimulating, thought-provoking, and, frankly, helpful, to get the user’s attention. This will then drive viewers to your website, which is, of course, full of riveting content, resulting in the purchasing of your product or service, and, (gasp!) even sharing your ad or website with others. 


Facebook Will Retarget Your Website Visitors

Facebook, and social media in general, have an edge when it comes to marketing. Have you ever Googled something, and then went on Facebook and sure enough, there was an ad for exactly that same search term? BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU! Just kidding. What you’ve actually experienced is called retargeting. And Facebook is the king of retargeting. How it works is, when you visit a website, but do not purchase from or contact that site, a cookie that is set in your browser and Facebook will then automatically pop an ad from that same business in your feed to try to re-engage with you. As creepy as it may seem (sometimes I swear I just talked about something and a Facebook ad pops up—you’re not listening to our conversations, right Mark Zuckerberg??), this type of advertising is a big deal for businesses. The Search Engine Journal reports that, “a mere 2% of people actually convert to becoming a sale the first time they land on your webpage.” However, bringing them back a second time around, after they’ve had more time to think about your business or product, users are more likely to then convert on your site. But wait, it gets better: through Facebook’s use of retargeting, an ad on Facebook will ultimately drive more traffic to your Facebook page or website. More traffic will, in turn, boost your search engine rankings, and bring in even more traffic, and if you have good content, then you will get more conversions, AKA sales.


Facebook Ads Are Affordable

Another reason Facebook ads are so great, is that they really aren’t very expensive. You can spend as little as $1 a day for your ad. Small businesses have the opportunity to target their audience just as much as larger businesses. Plus, you can measure your results in real time and instantly see if your advertising strategy is working or if you need to make changes. You can also save money by cutting out other ad campaigns, such as on television, where customers are frequently fast-forwarding through commercials when they DVR a show, anyway. I’m pretty sure during the Super Bowl is the only time most people actually want to watch commercials. 


Social Media Ads Can Go Viral

A viral ad may not always be the goal, but it is an amazing perk that no other advertising outlet can offer. It’s basically worldwide advertising at a fraction of the cost, and unlike the lottery, you have the ability to determine if you win. The good news is that this digital equivalent to the holy grail is attainable. All you have to do is think outside the box and create an ad so good, that it is shared organically across social media and viewed by millions. Easy, right? Well, that’s also where UtraComfort can help. We’re constantly searching for heart-warming and special stories about how our products help our customers. If you know of an amazing story, please share it with us and we will create a video or blog post featuring our products for you. 


Advertise on Multiple Social Media Platforms

Businesses can’t afford not to go digital. A company today must have an engaging, optimized website that’s mobile-friendly, and have a strong social media presence. By the way, we’re not recommending that you advertise only on Facebook. UltraComfort recommends advertising across social media with Instagram as the next best choice for ad placement. Don’t miss out on the largest social communities in the world. Most of your competitors already are advertising on Facebook and Instagram, or they will be in the very new future. Most importantly, it’s crucial that your social media page or website has great content to backup your engaging ad. Otherwise, your visitor will most likely leave your site without converting or purchasing. 


Need Help Creating Your First Facebook Ad?

Stay tuned for a FREE UltraComfort Webinar for retailers on August 26th, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. EST* with step-by-step directions on how to create a Facebook post using UltraComfort content and then how to “Boost” your posts with ad spend to reach a larger audience in your local area! If you’re an UltraComfort Retailer, join our UltraComfort Retailer Insider Facebook Group for all the latest inside information!


*Please note: the date has changed from August 27th, 2020 to August 26th, 2020.


UltraComfort Emerges From COVID-19 Pandemic Even Stronger



UltraComfort Stronger After COVID-19


A Pennsylvania Essential Business

UltraComfort Sewing Machine Operators

Since our parent company, Golden Technologies, is a home medical equipment manufacturer, UltraComfort was also fortunate to be deemed an essential business by the state of Pennsylvania and allowed to remain open through the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to protect its workers, we hired a special cleaning service to disinfect the factory and all facilities, added plastic barriers between each sewing machine operator, and practiced social distancing by expanding our production lines to accommodate the 6-feet social distancing recommendation. The company, however, did have its share of setbacks as many of its retailers were forced to close their doors and sales were down in mid-late March, and unfortunately had to reduce its staff. 



When The Going Gets Tough…The Tough Start Training!


Bob Phibbs The Retail Doctor

Despite these challenges, the UltraComfort team decided to make the most of this unprecedented situation and set forth with team-building training sessions on Zoom and social media. The team also made a dedicated effort to remain in constant communication with their retailers, providing them with free online social media training sessions, expert sales strategy advice from Bob Phibbs The Retail Doctor on how to re-open and train their retail staff to operate during these uncertain times, as well as online Service Tech Training. 



A One-Of-A-Kind Team


Not only has our team been working harder than ever to become more tech savvy and meet our sales goals, they also came closer together as a team. We held happy hour Zoom meetings, shared personal stories, always encouraged and showed gratitude for one another, and even made and donated masks to the Geisinger Health system, local manufacturers, and many others. 

Marketing Team Happy Hour



The COVID-19 Pandemic Made Our Company Stronger


Now that it seems the worst is over, UltraComfort is beyond excited to report that for the past few weeks, we have been exceeding our sales goals over last year and we have brought back most of our furloughed workers! Our dedicated team really stepped up and came together to emerge even stronger than we were before. We truly thank all of our retailers for their continued support and partnershipwe are looking forward to an amazing year ahead! 

Donating Masks To Local Manufacturers