UltraComfort America Sets New Standard for Lift Chair Merchandising with Cornerstone Program


UltraComfort America has set a higher standard for all lift chair merchandising with the creation of their Cornerstone program, the first and only system developed to guide furniture retailers, as well as their consumers, through a step by step process that will assure the perfect lift chair is sold and purchased.

The Cornerstone program consists of an interactive kiosk that pinpoints the consumer’s needs through a three step process of qualifying questions, statements of Collection features and images of specific models and covers available to the consumer. The kiosk also houses 18×18 hanging fabric swatches and brochures relevant to the line. In addition to this kiosk, Cornerstone retailers are also provided with a support package that helps generate higher lift chair sales as well as a higher average ticket price.

“Lift chairs, or as we like to refer to them ‘power recliners that lift’, are still a murky water for a lot of furniture retailers as well as the individuals on their sales team”, states Bob Smith, VP of Sales and Marketing. “With the changes in Medicare and the aging Baby Boomer population, we saw a need to make the process of flooring and selling ‘power recliners that lift’ as simple as possible. We are preparing our retailers for a category that will eventually become one of their largest in the years to come.”

The Cornerstone program was launched July 2014 with not only acceptance, but excitement from retailers. Since its inception, it has produced measurable results with some retailers seeing as much as a 50% increase in lift chair sales. If a retailer is interested in becoming a Cornerstone retailer, they are encouraged to speak this with their UltraComfort sales representative to begin the qualify process.