cor·ner·stone [kawr-ner-stohn] noun: something that is essential, indispensable, or basic; the chief foundation of which something is constructed or developed 
synonyms: “essential”, “foundation”, “keystone”, “key element”


What is a Cornerstone Retailer?

A Cornerstone retailer is an expert in power lift and recline chairs. Cornerstone retailers have all the knowledge and tools needed to make sure the customer chooses a recliner that suits their needs as well as delivers maximum comfort.

What tools are used by Cornerstone retailers to help find the perfect recliner?

The Cornerstone selling center is the heart of this process. The selling center, pictured on this page, guides the retailer and customer to their ideal recliner using three simple steps.

Step 1 begins with a series of questions that helps the customer identify what they are looking for in a recliner. Once this is identified, both the customer and the retailer will know which UltraComfort Collection best fits the customer’s needs. Each UltraComfort Collection has its own characteristics. For example, StellarComfort offers infinite positioning and achieves a zero gravity like position.

Step 2 breaks out each Collection by chair model. It gives you the dimensions of each UltraComfort chair so the customers will know if the chair will fit them correctly as well as fit in their desired living space. Once the ideal chair is chosen, a cover can be selected by using the 18×18 hanging fabric swatches located on the selling center.

Step 3 helps the customer and retailer customize the selected recliner by adding an accessories that might be beneficial. For example, heat and massage can be added to select chairs to help soothe sore muscles.

At the end of this process, the customer leaves owning a power lift and recline chair that fits them and their needs perfectly.

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