Dr. Kinzie

“I would recommend this chair to anyone looking for endless comfort and revitalizing rest.”

“I have used this chair for both naps as well as sleeping through the night. There are many features which enhanced my comfort and wellbeing while using the chair. The positioning movement, that includes the seat box rising, placed me in a position that was slightly flexed at the hips and knees. This decreased the tension on my hamstrings as well as pressure on my sciatic nerve. The movement of the seat box combined with the independent movement of the back of the chair allowed me to comfortably achieve the Trendelenburg position. This position allowed me to elevate my legs with ease and decreased any swelling around my feet and ankles. During the six months I used the chair, I was able to aid any sleep discomfort due to the support and positioning capabilities. The ability to move the backrest and footrest independently provided comfort allowing for continuous sleep without tossing and turning side to side during the night. I would recommend this chair to anyone looking for endless comfort and revitalizing rest.”*

Kinzie Signature
Wesley Kinzie, M.D.

“I didn’t even know what zero gravity was and then I sat in the chair and I was sold.  What a chair!  I can sit in this chair all day long, if my wife would let me.”

Scott O. from Lewes, DE

“After a long day at my office I found that putting the chair in the zero gravity position just reduces all the tension in my body. Wow… thank you so much for making such a quality product.”

Betty S. from Phoenix, AZ

“I just wanted a recliner but am SO happy that I have my lift chair. I would not part with it.  My son programmed it for me and now I can be comfortable all the time.”

Helen G. from Salisbury, MD

“My mother’s UltraComfort lift chair has changed her whole outlook on life. She feels like she can do things for herself now that she can get out of her chair without help.”

Patricia S. from Dover, DE

“I love, love, love my AutoLounger power recliner! I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Everyone who sits in it loves it, even my Yorkie.”

Donna E. from Roanoke, VA

“We were told that our special order would take 4-6 weeks to come in. We were so pleased when we had it set up in her home in under 4 weeks’ time! She enjoys the new freedom of being able to easily get in & out of her chair.”

Julie P. from Oconomowoc, WI

“I am only five feet tall and have NEVER had a chair I could sit in and have my feet on the floor. I love my UltraComfort chair.”

Anne H. from Richmond, VA

“Best chair I ever sat in. Had to buy a second one for my wife. She would not get out of mine.”

Jim H. from Bel Air, MD

*After using an UltraComfort chair with StellarComfort positioning for six months, the following review was provided.