UltraComfort Power Lift Recliners Are So Much More Than Just A Lift Chair


Written By David Danhof
UltraComfort Power LIft Recliners UC549


I was talking with one of our retailers the other day who made a very interesting observation that I thought was worth sharing with all of you. Lift chairs seem to be a pretty hot category these days and we were discussing why that should be. After all, they are not generally considered to be a “hot” commodity on furniture floors. 

What he said was, “Most people today don’t want to wind up in a nursing facility.” The more I thought about that, the more sense it made. In the age of COVID-19, nursing homes have not been a place where people want to be. While staying independent has been a priority for any of us in the 60+ crowd, the restrictions put on since the start of COVID-19, and the stories of nursing facilities decimated by this awful disease, have made staying at home not just preferred, but the highest of priorities.

I mention this because I think it is something to be aware of as you plan your next recliner purchase. Furniture has always been perceived as making a house a “home” and creating comfortable living spaces. As a leader in the lift chair category, UltraComfort has always seen our products as doing that, plus helping people to stay in their homes as they struggle with aging issues. In our case, many of our power lift recliners not only help with lift, but also with circulation, back pain issues, and general body aches and pains.

The idea of staying independent is most certainly a benefit of lift chairs, adjustable beds, or any other products that genuinely contribute to keeping people at home and comfortable. There was a time when buying a “lift chair” was considered to be an admission of old age. Today, our products do a good deal more than just lift, they offer the consumer both comfort and independence at a time when both are highly valued features.