Highest Quality Recliner Fabrics

When it comes to performance, comfort, and style, UltraComfort’s array of power lift recliners are unmatched in the industry. It’s no wonder that the fabrics we use give you the same high quality and style to match any decor. At UltraComfort, we understand how important your lift recliner is to you, and we want you to relish in its appearance and durability, as well as its functionality. All of our fabrics exceed the industry standard for durability, including our exclusive luxury UltraPlush Brisa® and Torres Fabric with Alta™ technology.

UltraPlush Brisa® Fabric

Supple UltraPlush Brisa® fabric offers the refined look of leather, but in a luxuriously soft, breathable, and temperate design. UltraPlush Brisa® fabric comes in an extensive selection of colors to choose from and will never stick to you or feel too hot or cold. This beautiful fabric is scratch-proof and easy to clean and disinfect, so it always stays looking new! These fabrics perform at over 25 times the industry standard to ensure the highest level quality and durability. We’re so sure of the quality of this fabric, that UltraComfort offers a Lifetime Warranty* on all Brisa® fabrics.

Not only is UltraPlush Brisa® fabric the most innovative fabric of its kind, the company that designed it, Ultrafabrics, is highly focused on green initiatives. They have worked hard to implement the following: 

  • A new distillation process, which has reduced total freshwater use by up to 10%. 
  • A long-term commitment to eliminating waste across manufacturing, unsold inventory, and product returns. 
  • In 2020, the company reduced its waste intensity by approximately 10% – including significant reductions across waste from manufacturing defects and scraps, product returns, and discontinued inventory. 
  • Taken significant steps to restrict the use of substances of concern in its products and provide clear guidance on how those products can be used and cared for safely. 
  • While the manufacturing process for their products requires organic solvents, its equipment enables it to capture and reuse greater than 98%.

UltraPlush Brisa fabric is available on all models except those included in the Explorer Collection.**

*Limited Lifetime Warranty, as long as normal use is maintained. Restrictions apply. See Owner’s Manual for details.

**Additional costs and extended delivery time may apply.

High-Performance Fabric – Torres with Alta Technology

Our High-Performance Torres fabric with Alta™ Technology is perfect for high-traffic seating such as your recliner. Alta™ ramps up performance with a Durablock breathable liquid barrier, antimicrobial protection, and high repellency to liquids and oil-based stains. The exceptional cleanability of this fabric makes it easy to care for your recliner and reduces the need for harsh cleaning agents. UltraComfort offers a 10-year warranty* on this High-Performance fabric.

Torres fabric with Alta™ Technology is available on all models except those included in the Explorer Collection.**


*10-year warranty, as long as normal use is maintained. 

**Additional costs and extended delivery time may apply.

Abington Fabric

The Abington pattern is a soft-textured chenille fabric that will match almost any decor. The tightly woven fibers provide durability while preserving it’s plush feel and lasting comfort.

Abington fabrics come standard on the following models: UC682, UC562UC556, UC559, UC549, UC536

Anli Fabric

This soft and supple Urethane fabric is highly durable and provides a realistic leather-like look. The composite material and polyurethane coating make this fabric water resistant, flexible and lightweight without the cracking or peeling you usually experience with vinyl.

Anli fabrics come standard on the following models: UC114

Imagine Fabric

Our contemporary Imagine fabric offers a plush feel for hours of relaxation. The subtle texture and earthy color palette will add character to any room.

Imagine fabrics come standard on the following models: UC216, UC114

JZ Fabric

Jameson fabric is a stylish alternative to suede with wonderful advantages. Composed of millions of microfibers, it has the soft hand of natural suede leather with none of the hassle. Long-lasting and stain-resistant, this faux suede fabric is perfect for furniture that will see a high volume of use or spills. It’s 100% vegan, but looks and feels like the real thing. With a stylish look and two gorgeous color options, these fabrics will be a welcome addition to any décor. Our microsuede fabrics come standard on select UltraComfort power lift recliners.

JZ fabrics come standard on the following models: UC799, UC682, UC562UC556, UC559, UC549, UC536

Scrumptious Fabric

The Scrumptious pattern is a padded microfiber with a subtle, modern pattern. This luxuriously soft fabric takes your comfort to the next level, providing hours of unmatched comfort.

Scrumptious fabrics come standard on the following models: UC799, UC682, UC562UC556, UC559, UC549, UC536

Mathis Fabrics

The Mathis pattern provides the best of both worlds combining softness with durability. Offered in five different color options, Mathis fabrics exceed industry standards for wear and tear by performing 10 times better a typical upholstery fabric, making this an ideal choice for lift recliners.

Mathis fabrics come standard on the following models: UC799, UC480

Sutton Fabric

Sutton faux leather is a rich and modern alternative to natural leather that is extremely comfortable while offering the rugged durability of leather. Made from 100% polyester, this fabric is easy to care for ensuring functionality as well as elegance. This long-lasting fabric will complement a variety of decors while standing the test of time under heavy use.

Sutton fabrics come standard on the following models: UC342, UC476